& Insights

Before we say anything, we ask everything

We learn what you already know to be true and find out what you wish you knew. Our 12+ person research team will develop a full picture of category trends, the competitive landscape and what your target really cares about.

The research reveals the key consumer insights that become the “secret sauce” in a brand’s communications. It’s that “sauce” that personifies leading brands–ones that reach the target on an emotive level. Those are the kinds of brands we develop.

Strategic & Tactical


It all starts with a solid strategy

We begin every project, large or small, with solid strategic thinking. GMG is known for our exemplary skill in planning that gets our clients to their goal faster, at less cost and with fewer head-aches. There are two major elements of a marketing plan to include:

1. The Strategic Plan will define what you want to say, to whom, when and how to include the following:

  • Target Market priorities and insights.
  • Positioning Strategy describing your business and its products/services, your unique selling proposition and positioning statement.
  • Competitive Analysis that identifies your key competitors, their positioning, strengths and weaknesses, and your standing among them.
  • Sensory Package will detail what you want your prospects and customers to think, say and do when interacting with your brand.

2. A Tactical or Channel Plan outlines all of the marketing activities your business will carry out to attract and retain customers, the timing and how they will impact your target to create a unified consumer experience.

Even those with a somewhat limited budget need to implement more than one tactic. Studies have proven that the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns, especially those incorporating both digital and traditional channels is highest. It’s like hearing advice from your spouse and thinking, “yeah, o.k., one person’s opinion,” but then when one or more other people say the same thing, suddenly you’re really listening.

Brand & Creative


Full Range of Tactical Capabilities

Whether we are bringing a new brand to life, or bringing new life to an old brand, brand development is one of the most exciting things we get to do, developing things like:

  • Name & Tagline
  • Logo & Brand Guidelines
  • Business Papers
  • Core Messaging
  • Content Development
  • Web Sites
  • White Papers
  • Signage
Once the brand is established, we are able to develop the materials needed to tell your target about it. Because of our broad experience, we are a team that will explore all types of connections with people to tell your brand story in both digital and traditional media:
  • Advertising
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media
  • Video & Animation
  • eBlasts & Direct Mail
  • Sell Sheets/Collateral
  • Public Relations
  • Outdoor
  • Launch Events & Trade Shows


& Results Measurement

We help you implement and measure

GMG’s cohesive tactical plan will get you out ahead of deadlines to make implementation as efficient as possible, either by your internal team or ours. That same plan then becomes the guidepost for results analysis.

Measuring the plan is the final step to most effectively impact your marketing budget’s ROI. Companies with both a plan and measured results achieved 60% faster growth than those without, according to a study by Sagefrog Marketing Group.

The biggest challenge is combining the information from multiple sources in one cohesive report that reveals trends and challenges. GMG’s proprietary reporting template simplifies your dashboard view of how things are going.