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  • Buffoonery and Other Words About Nonsense

    Clear, concise communication is basically what great marketing is. It’s what we live for at Gerard Marketing Group. So, in the spirit of back-to-school learning and good communications, following is Merriam-Webster’s top 10 list of “Words About Nonsense:”

    #1: Buffoonery

    : foolish or playful behavior or practice
    “Jersey Shore” finally – and mercifully – concludes Thursday after six […]

  • Secrets of the 10 Most-trusted Brands

    Building a trusted brand should be the focal point of every marketing plan, whether your annual marketing budget is $300,000 or $3 billion, like Coca-Cola. And at Gerard Marketing Group, we know that it becomes even more important to keep your message on target when your budget is modest.

    A survey by The Values Institute identified […]

  • Build an Impactful Site

    Web Languages

    It can be daunting to find the right Web firm to develop or update your site. Many times you may feel like you are speaking a different language than Web developers, and you are.

    The digital world operates within the various languages of content management systems (CMS). Many good Web developers struggle to speak English […]

  • Mono-task Well

    We all have schooling, experience and know-how, but at Gerard Marketing Group we believe employing our resources in the most efficient way is the differentiating factor in building a successful company in today’s economy. It’s not so much about multi-tasking to get more things done faster, but doing things smarter–mono task well. It’s the advantage that can set […]

  • Gerard Marketing Group Bioheat® Client Launches Awareness Campaign

    Go online to support them at www.bioheatonline.com and get a chance to win a free t-shirt! Following is the full story released today:

    NYC Gets Greener with Bioheat® Fuel to Advance Sustainability
    Bioheat says “Thanks” by awarding $30,000 to Charities that also “warm” NYC

    North Andover, MA—January 28, 2013— In December 2012, New York City launched its mandate […]

  • Gerard Marketing Group Client Launches New Brand Today!

    Our client, Sheltered Industries of the Meramec Valley (SIMV) and Sheltered Workshops, Inc. (SWI), both in Franklin County, Missouri, announced today they will affiliate their operations under a new brand name–Empac Group Inc. Both companies share the same noble vision–delivering exceptional results to their manufacturing partners, while providing meaningful employment to individuals impacted by disabilities. […]