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  • QR Codes Didn’t ‘Die.’ Consumers Never Cared.

    In early 2013 most marketing publications were talking about the “death of the QR code,” and how they would certainly be replaced by newer app technologies like Blippar and Touchcode. The reality is that while there has been much excitement around Quick Response (QR) codes and other technologies for marketers, none of them have been […]

  • The Smartest People Take a Break

    My second grader’s “Happy Labor Day” sign from the weekend with the “no working” illustration left no grey area as to what the expectations of the Labor Day holiday weekend were. While the idea is alluring, actually turning off the electronics and being fully present is a gift not many of us allow ourselves. We […]

  • Remember Your “Why?”

    People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. Know why. Tell them why. It’s the secret sauce that elevates products, brands and their marketing from good to great. Good marketing materials convey features and benefits. Great ones connect with prospects at an emotional level–a shared “why.”

    What is your why? Listen to yourself, first. […]

  • The Symptom Is Not the Problem

    by Bernadette Jiwa

    Georgina owns and operates a specialty gluten-free food store in Brisbane and like many retailers she’s experiencing a problem. Increasingly people are coming to browse but not to buy. The perception is that if I can get it cheaper or faster online why would I make the trip to your store?

    So Georgina has resorted […]

  • The Economics of Attention

    It’s all about time and money. How do you spend it wisely to get the marketing results you need? Strategic planning.

    From the Story of Telling:
    Attention is either earned or paid for. Whether you pay for advertising or not you still buy your audience’s attention every day. You may not pay in dollars and cents, but […]

  • You Want an “F” on Your Home Page

    How do browsers read Web sites? They don’t. They scan them. Your home page is where a visitor will quickly decide to read on… or move on.

    Technologies like infrared cameras and eye-tracking software are able to monitor the eye movements of viewers as they scan websites and help us learn more about how to design the […]