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  • Marketing in An Omni-channel World

    Brand consistency has become even more essential in this era of constant connectivity, especially for companies executing across multiple divisions, locations, languages and marketing mediums. Whether it’s reading, writing, talking or listening, communication has fused into a single experience. We watch TV shows on our laptops and surf the Web on our TVs. We “speak” to […]

  • Why We Operate Virtually

    Because We Can–And Kinda Have To
    Location, Location, Location. The best location for our business is none at all. Today a traditional workforce strategy of locating everyone under one roof isn’t necessary. We operate virtually to best serve clients.

    The digital communications explosion has allowed today’s workforce to be more mobile than ever. That same explosion also […]

  • Compulsory Attendance & Yahoo

    Yahoo is apparently on the sale block. According to many media reports their board announced last week that they were exploring “strategic alternatives” or as many have indicated, code for a sale.

    Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer’s come-to-work order in 2013 ended a previous work-from-home policy that by all indications had a largely negative impact on morale. […]

  • It Pays to Know Where You’re Going

    Today, more than ever, a focused and measured strategic and tactical plan are needed to navigate the abyss of communication options out there today. About half of all companies have a formal marketing plan, attaining 10% faster growth, according to a study by Sagefrog Marketing Group. The study also revealed that the real magic happened […]

  • Prepare for the Best and Worst of Times

    Every organization, big or small, at some point will deal with a crisis–internal or external. Companies must have a standard operating procedure for dealing with such scenarios, because when it happens, responsiveness is key.

    Just as you would train a spokesperson and plan for good news, such as a new product launch, you need a “go […]

  • Trade Show Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

    While industry trade shows are typically the largest marketing expense for companies selling business to business, they also seem to be the least understood. At Gerard Marketing Group, we often see clients getting caught up in trade show FOMO, “fear of missing out.” If a competitor is at a show, you feel like you have to […]

  • At Some Point

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  • The Good and Great

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  • Open the Window

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