Why We Operate Virtually

Because We Can–And Kinda Have To

Virtual_Home_Office_Marketing_TeamLocation, Location, Location. The best location for our business is none at all. Today a traditional workforce strategy of locating everyone under one roof isn’t necessary. We operate virtually to best serve clients.

The digital communications explosion has allowed today’s workforce to be more mobile than ever. That same explosion also decimated scale when it comes to delivering marketing messages. Today’s challenging communications landscape is crowded, highly segmented and more often consumer controlled.

The list of ways people consume information is long–and continually evolving. Those of us in the communications business must know a lot about many things. We also must have access to individual experts who know a lot about each one of those things. That’s how GMG is set up.

Broad and Deep Expertise

Our marketing generalists bring a wide range of experience to the table to guide the best path for a brand. They collaborate with our team of seasoned specialists needed to solve marketing challenges for our clients that yields powerful results.

Attracts Some of the Best Talent

The importance of location has now shifted from a priority for consumers to a priority for today’s workforce. A 100% virtual workforce best meets the priorities for today’s job candidates:

1) Salary and Compensation – Costs saved from the overhead of office space and utilities can be invested back into employee salaries and high-level training.

2) Career Growth Opportunities – When the entire company is working from their own personal workspace, the playing field is leveled for those looking to move up.

3) Work-Life Balance – It is estimated that the average worker spends 2 – 3 weeks/year in commute time to their job. The time saved is a nice little bonus vacation!

4) Location/Commute/Flexibility – There is no better, more convenient location than one each employee chooses individually for themselves.

5) Company Culture and Values – The autonomous nature of virtual work requires that accountability, respect, trust and clear communication be core values. For those that align with those, it can be an extremely satisfying experience.


We know that great work is a phased event. Breakthrough ideas rarely happen in an office cubicle from 9 to 5 in khakis. We work from our own space, whether that is a home office, a coffee shop or on top of a mountain. We don’t care. We have no office ego. What we care about is creating the best work possible.


Simply put, our clients pay for the work we produce, not the space where the work is created.