Re-branding from the Inside Out

Today the Cooperating School Districts (CSD) of Greater St. Louis announced to their members and partners a new name, EducationPlus and with it, a whole new image. CSD serves close to 70 public school districts across the St. Louis region; however, most were not aware of their many capabilities. Their objective was to not only increase usage among members, but also awareness among the community at large.

CSD charged Gerard Marketing Group, a St. Louis marketing company, with explaining their broad range of capabilities to this broad target under one cohesive brand. The result is one powerful brand, that exudes their corporate values and is explained in a way that even CSDs’ internal employees are saying, “Now I know how to explain what we do.”

At Gerard Marketing, we take a top down and bottom up approach to getting to the key messages that will resonate with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  From the top down, our research team discovers the category trends and and external influences. From the bottom up we come to an understanding of the target audience’s relationship to the service and identify the key consumer insights that will resonate with them–the “why” behind the features and benefits.

For EducationPlus the key messages varied by target, to include:

Superintendents – Empowering Educators
Teachers – Excelling Students
Community – Enriching Communities
Legislators – Supporting Missouri Public Schools

The end result was categorizing their services into three groups to simplify their broad offering into a shorthand way that made sense to the target(s) and internal employees. The message would now be clear not only on their Web site and promotional materials, but also from their staff in their every day interactions with their members.

The launch of the new name, logo and messaging began with a pre-launch campaign internally via posters in all of their locations to generate excitement. A personal letter first went to their key members and partners followed by eMessaging and a direct mail piece that folded out into a poster to be hung within the member schools and organizations to further the message to their staff and parents in the school community.

Education Plus Animation