Gerard Marketing Group Client Launches New Brand Today!

Our client, Sheltered Industries of the Meramec Valley (SIMV) and Sheltered Workshops, Inc. (SWI), both in Franklin County, Missouri, announced today they will affiliate their operations under a new brand name–Empac Group Inc. Both companies share the same noble vision–delivering exceptional results to their manufacturing partners, while providing meaningful employment to individuals impacted by disabilities. Both are well-respected, leading providers in Missouri.

Bob Koch, CEO of SWI says, “Our mission is to develop and provide alternative employment and vocational training options for people with disabilities. The name Empac Group Inc. represents the impact we intend to make, as a high-quality, reliable industrial resource for area businesses as well as an effective employment resource for people with disabilities in Franklin County and the surrounding area. Our tagline, ‘Employ. Empower. Excel.’ describes how we will interact with our business customers and our employees.”

By affiliating their operations, Empac Group, Inc. will also be able to expand vocational opportunities to include employment of persons with disabilities in community businesses. Eric Giebler, CEO of SIMV, notes, “Our mission has always been to provide a continuum of employment opportunities to our communities. Currently individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment have limited options. While the workshop programs have been effective in providing employment and training, we will now have the capacity to be proactive in assisting individuals find jobs in the community as a whole. We believe our history of success, coupled with our community contacts, positions us to be highly effective in achieving this mission.” The two divisions will operate as Empac Employment Resources to provide job opportunities to disabled persons and Empac Industrial Resources to serve their industrial partners with high quality labor.

The workshops currently have hundreds of persons with disabilities on their waiting list to be employed. Unlike most other workshops for persons with disabilities, the majority of their income is from acquired business with minimal state funding. The purpose of their affiliation and brand campaign is to develop awareness and drive new business, so they can put those on the waiting list to work.

Koch says, “We believe that in this increasingly competitive marketplace, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors are essential. Our affiliation will create more capacity, enhance services and diversify revenue. The impact of our affiliation is twofold. Because we can offer more services to our business customers, we will create more jobs. Additional jobs will allow to us to more effectively address the large waiting list of individuals seeking employment and training with our companies.”

Gerard Marketing is currently working on their new Web site, slated to be “live” in early March. Until then, you can find more information at