A Gift With Purpose

This year in lieu of a gift for clients, Gerard Marketing Group is making a donation to Three Avocados, a local coffee company who allocates 100% of their profits toward providing safe drinking water to the people of Uganda. Their aim is to provide coffee lovers with a quality product that enables them to make a 100% socially responsible choice.

Their Story

In January of 2010 Joe Koenig and his wife went on a mission trip to the humble and remote village of Bulopa, Uganda. They joined the villagers at their church, which consisted of a few sticks in the ground and some benches. As an offering basket was passed around, a poor widow placed three avocados in the basket–all she had. Her generosity inspired the name of their non-profit company, Three Avocados. Founded in February of 2010, Three Avocados began selling coffee. In April of that same year they raised enough to build their first water well, costing anywhere from $6,000-$10,000 USD.

Why Water?

In addition to saving thousands of lives, clean water has the power to provide hope.
In many countries, including Uganda, it is the job of young girls and women to collect water for their families. This often times means walking four miles or more to the nearest water source, and returning with a 40lb can full of water–and not even clean water. In addition to missing school, young girls and women often face the risk of assault while collecting water.
Clean water is the cornerstone to a healthy life– without it life as we know it would not exist.
Worldwide almost 1 billion people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. The water they do have comes from unprotected sources, and often carries bacteria and diseases such as E. coli, Cholera and Hepatitis A. 63 Children die in Uganda each day from lack of clean water because their small bodies cannot deal with the various bacteria, parasites and diseases. Many die from diarrhea and dehydration.

As Koening says, “Clean water gives a village hope. Young girls are able to attend school instead of spending hours collecting water. Young boys and girls are no longer too sick or weak to attend school. Clean water is the first step to health, safety and education. Education is the key to ending poverty in the economy. Clean water is hope.”

Quality Coffee

Their Uganda Bugisu coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee, grown at an elevation of 6,200 feet in the mountains of Uganda. Their blends are available in a med-dark roast, whole bean or ground. Coffee connoisseur, Nate Smith, says, “When I smelled the aroma of the brewed coffee I immediately picked up a pipe tobacco play as well as a nutty brown sugar scent. The flavor is rich and smooth with the aromatic pipe tobacco and savory flavors accentuated by a slight fruitiness of apricot and banana.”

You can purchase it online at threeavocados.com for $9 per 12 oz. bag, with $3 of that designated for funding the water project. It’s also available in select St. Louis Dierberg’s stores.

Have a happy and hopeful holiday from all of us at Gerard Marketing.